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Welcome to The Big Meow, Tauranga’s deluxe boutique boarding cattery, where your loved animal can find space to chill out and have the freedom to roam in a safe environment during the day, while being well cared for.

At The Big Meow we have four separate apartment blocks with 2 to 4 large enclosures in each, so although they do have some neighbours, your cat will have a nice roomy spot that is nice and quiet with few interruptions to stress them out.

With a well-established and trusted reputation, established by Dot over many years, our facilities allow your pussy cat the luxury of both space and seclusion in an urban environment. If your cat is used to living in the city they can find it strange going into a rural setting with lots of different noises. Add to this the stress of having to leave home and sleep elsewhere, without the comforts of their familiar environment, and life can be really stressful for them so boarding in town in a quiet place in Greerton is great!

Your cats not only need looking after but they need love, so we make sure they get a little scratch and a smooch regularly if they want company. If they just want to chill then we leave them alone, only tempting them out with tasty little titbits. We do need to enter their room at times to clean and change the litter regularly. There is lots of space to play and places to explore as well as comfy spots to just laze away the day. There is always plenty of fresh water, and you can bring their favourite food, or we can provide our top quality dried biscuits. Supper is served in the evening when we make sure they are safely bedded down for the night in their enclosure where they have a large cosy sleeping compartment with fresh clean bedding.

You need to consider what will be the best option for them. Some cats have outgoing personalities and are happy to go to new places and adapt really well, but so many others are easily frightened by just a car trip in a cage, let alone having to spend time in an enclosed environment with other animals around them.

Cats like company and food but most often they like to chill out and sleep. We pride ourselves on the layout of our cattery and the access each resident has to the sun! You know what they are like. They love to lie down and stretch luxuriously and then roll over as one side get too hot so they can soak up the warmth on the other side. We give them that opportunity here at The Big Meow.

Then there are the other poor felines who can find the whole process of traveling and a new environment a totally freaked out experience. These are the ones we like to spend a bit of quiet time with, gently talking to them without staring them down which is a threatening stance to cats. With a little bit of time over a number of days we can usually bring them round to where they feel comfortable enough to wander around at their leisure. It is always rewarding to see them come out of hibernation and let their real personality show through.

Ross and Erin are your hosts at The Big Meow Deluxe Boarding Cattery and we have spent all of our lives with all sorts of animals, and there has always been a cat or two. Growing up on a rural property in Tauranga we have had a lot of experience with cats, dogs, goats, cows, sheep, pigs, guinea pigs and rabbits, to name a few, with their various personalities for they are all different. We recognise that your cat or cats have personalities that need to be catered for so we do our utmost to make them feel relaxed and at home so they enjoy their stay. After all life is short and everybody needs to enjoy the time we have, that includes you, us and your wonderful cat.